SRDAR : Survey Research and Data Acquisition Resource

The high-quality, low-cost source for all your survey research needs. 


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Welcome to SRDAR!

We are a group of research professionals committed to helping scientists complete their research by overcoming cost and logistic obstacles. We are available to assist in WinCATI Programming, Data Collection, Consultation, and Evaluation on all public health topics. The Survey Research and Data Acquisition Resource (SRDAR) is a core resource in the Department of Health Behavior, Division of Cancer Prevention and Population Science, at Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

SRDAR has a strong portfolio of both population-based and clinical-based research, with expertise in conceptualizing and developing protocols and survey instruments, administering cognitive interviews, structured interviews, telephone interviews, internet surveys, clinical trial recruitment, and follow-ups. SRDAR can also provide assistance with dissemination of findings. We typically provide a higher response rate at a lower cost than for-profit firms.

View some of our projects to see how we help researchers through cutting-edge technology and innovative means, or contact us personally and ask how we can assist you with your research!