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Survey Research and Data Acquisition Resource (SRDAR):
the high-quality, low-cost source for all your survey research needs.

The Survey Research and Data Acquisition Resource (SRDAR) is an academic data collection center, designated a Core Resource within Roswell Park Cancer Institute (RPCI) in Buffalo, NY. Because of its designation as a Core Resource and its academic status, SRDAR does not have profit as a motivation. Therefore, we typically provide the same or better quality service at a lower cost than for-profit firms.

SRDAR originated as an extension of Dr. Andrew Hyland’s research program, so data quality has always been of paramount importance.

We are equipped...

• Over 100 skilled and trained interviewers
• Interviewers fluent in English, Spanish and French; other languages can be added
• State-of-the-art Cisco telephones at each Computer- Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) station
• Sawtooth Ci3 questionnaire authoring software
• WinCati 2.4 software for phone-based surveys
• WinCati Sensus Web interviewing system

We are flexible...

SRDAR can provide full research services or any
combination of services as needed by the client:
• Development of the project protocol
• Communication with the client’s Internal Review Board
• Creation of the survey instrument
• Recruitment of subjects
• Collection and analysis of data
• Presentation of the final report

We are versatile...

Experienced with many methods of data
collection, including:
• Phone surveys: land line and cell
• Face-to-face interviews
• Focus groups
• Trial recruitment
• Web-based surveys
• Clinical follow-up assessments
• Mail-based biologic data collection
• Observational interviewing
• Scannable forms
...and user-friendly, too
We are prepared to adapt our routines to accommodate requests by the client. We will assemble our team at mutually-agreed-upon times for conference calls or face-to-face meetings on short notice (minutes rather than days) to handle any issues that may arise. In all cases, we acknowledge receipt of an issue within 24 hours and work to resolve issues as quickly as possible. If desired, the client is able to remotely monitor telephone interviews.


SRDAR provides researchers with exceptional data collection options in a customer-friendly atmosphere. We value scientific integrity and high response rates before profit.


Created in 2004, SRDAR is an established and growing resource. References are available on request. The projects we accept focus primarily on the well-being of communities or people. Our staff members take pride in the high quality of services we provide.