About Us:  Technology

Our data collection system is valued at over $150,000, plus about $80,000 for our state-of-the-art phones.  This equals approximately $230,000 that SRDAR has invested in new technology over the past two years. 

Survey Software:

WinCati 4.2, Sawtooth Technologies 
•  Specialized computer-assisted telephone interviewing software package allows for sample and quota management, disposition monitoring and productivity reports. 

WinCati 4.2, Mixed Mode (Integrated CATI/Web Interviewing):

•    Telephone-only studies, Web-only surveys, Telephone and Web split-sample studies
•    Web surveys with telephone recruitment, telephone and web surveys with e-mail recruitment, telephone and web studies where respondents choose the interviewing mode 

Cisco IP Phone System:

Top of the line and state of the art call center technology.  In addition to increasing productivity the system offers extensive monitoring features that help to ensure quality and dialing options that increase efficiency.