About Us:  What We Do

SRDAR has a strong portfolio of both population-based and clinical-based research, with expertise conceptualizing and developing protocols and survey instruments, administering cognitive interviews, structured interviews, telephone interviews and clinical trial recruitment and follow-up. SRDAR can also provide assistance with dissemination of findings. We typically provide a higher response rate at a lower cost than for-profit firms.


Overview of services:

Data Collection
•    Phone surveys 
•    Face-to-face interviews 
•    Focus groups 
•    Trial recruitment 
•    Web-based surveys 
•    Clinical recruitment and follow-up assessments 
•    Mail-based biologic data collection 
•    Observational interviewing

•    Protocol development 
•    Training 
•    Report generation 
•    Dissemination of findings 

•    WinCati programming for telephone-based surveys 
•    Web survey design and programming